Saka Energy Healing Ubud
Saka energy healing Ubud
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What is spiritual? Spiritual is about matters related to psyche, inner, mental, and moral. Spiritualiztion is a forming of soul, inspiration towards discipline. Spiritual in a broader sense, represent wisdom related to eternal intelligence awareness and highest which underlie and illuminate all phenomenon in this universe.


In talks about enhancement and restoration of spiritual matters, often terms like philosophy, religion, mystic, metaphysics, eastern wisdom, idealism, tradition and so on are used. Spiritual comprehend all field of knowledge about human, creation and The creator and which based on direct experience which differ from speculative theology or philosophy. So spiritual is knowledge which offers definite and perfect understanding in the present of human being: the relation between universe and the environment on the one hand and to The Creator on the other hand, through highest reality and eternal intelligence awareness which unite all this.

Spiritual knowledge is knowledge about ability beyond average human being, which causes of that ability derived from Meta Energy, Meta Energy can only be proven with symptom caused or with observation of the inner eye. Spiritual use universal of thinking, this is the most important. Start to see or view with this method now, either in your mind, yourself and to help you looking for real truth factually.

Spiritualist give peace and enlighten to its environment, it's  like a candle light which chase the darkness away. Darkness will always be there, it will never leave too far, but because of this candle light, darkness will not be able to present its existence. Religion only tell human about the existence of GOD, whereas Spiritual invite others to walk along with GOD.

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