Saka Energy Healing Ubud
Saka energy healing Ubud
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Testimonial Saka Healing Center

Carol Moig
2016-06-15 07:31:38

I have had a chronic, pre cancerous disease ( Lichen Sclerosus) Ive been fighting with for well over a decade. I was lucky to find a Specialist after 5 years who finally diagnosed my condition, but the only treatment as it advanced was strong steroid creams. After a week of treatment at the Saka Healing Center under Lina and Grand Master Billy, I feel the best I've felt in over a decade. I will still go back to my Sydney Specialist for check ups, but so far so good on the Turtle Oil, Meridian Massage and Propectinlife drinks. Thank you Master Billy and Lina for your care. I will be coming back to your Clinic. 

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